AMX MUSE Automation controllers are a powerful and secure option for dedicated computing

Today’s technology-driven world requires unique solutions for reliable and dedicated computing devices. AMX has partnered with HARMAN to produce the AMX MUSE, a powerful controller designed with security and ease of use in mind. AMX MUSE controllers are an exceptional addition to computing installations that need to easily and reliably run multiple scripting languages. 

AMX MUSE Automation Controllers are built in partnership with HARMAN’s ultra-secure Linux platform, surpassing even the most rigid of security requirements. MUSE automation controllers are so secure they can even be used in government installations, support financial applications, and more. That’s not where the partnership with HARMAN ends, though. AMX MUSE controllers feature native support for HARMAN’s HControl (open-API). HARMAN’s legacy HiQnet audio devices and AMX’s legacy control devices, ICSP, are also natively supported by the AMX MUSE.

AMX has partnered with HARMAN to create the AMX MUSE, a powerful and secure automation controller designed for computing installations that require reliable and dedicated devices. The MUSE controllers are built on HARMAN’s ultra-secure Linux platform, making them suitable for government installations and financial applications. Additionally, the controllers have native support for HARMAN’s HControl and are compatible with legacy control devices. The MUSE automation controller features a modern embedded processor and industrial-grade onboard storage, ensuring durability and security. It operates in a wide range of temperatures and offers a significant improvement in processor speed compared to its predecessor. The MUSE controller can run numerous scripts simultaneously in various programming languages, and programming is made easy with the Node-RED development tool. AMX offers four automation controllers in the MUSE family, each with different features and specifications. These controllers provide limitless possibilities for IT teams, engineers, and programmers of all skill levels.

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