The United States Notes No Shift in China’s Stance on Taiwan

In a recent interview with CNBC, U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo remarked that the United States has not observed any shifts in China’s stance regarding Taiwan. This statement came in response to inquiries about reports suggesting that Chinese leader Xi Jinping communicated to President Joe Biden his country’s intention to integrate Taiwan with the mainland. According to coverage by NBC News among other outlets, Xi allegedly conveyed this message during a high-level meeting with Biden in San Francisco, indicating that while reunification is a goal, the timeline for such a move remains undecided.,

The United States has noted that it has not detected any change in China’s stance or rhetoric regarding Taiwan. Despite ongoing tensions in the region and China’s assertive military maneuvers, the US believes that China’s position on Taiwan remains consistent with its long-held “One China” policy, which asserts that Taiwan is an inalienable part of China.

The US continues to monitor the situation closely, especially in the wake of increased Chinese military activity near Taiwan, including frequent incursions into Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ). The US maintains its own policy of “strategic ambiguity” regarding Taiwan, while officially acknowledging the “One China” policy and opposing any unilateral changes to the status quo by either side.

The US reaffirms its commitment to the Taiwan Relations Act, which provides the basis for unofficial relations with Taiwan and enables the US to supply Taiwan with defensive arms. However, it does not officially recognize Taiwan as an independent state.

The lack of perceived tonal change from China on Taiwan indicates that the situation remains delicate, with both the US and China carefully managing their actions and statements to avoid escalating tensions further. The US continues to call for peaceful resolution of differences and for maintaining stability across the Taiwan Strait.


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