US Urges Israel to Make Gaza Strikes More Surgical

In an effort to reduce civilian casualties in Gaza and address international and domestic pressure, the Biden administration is intensifying its efforts to convince Israel to scale back its military operations in the Palestinian territory. White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan recently discussed this matter with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and members of his war Cabinet. The objective is to shift from intense clearance operations to a more focused, intelligence-driven approach that targets high-value individuals and specific military infrastructure. Despite media reports suggesting a set timetable, a senior administration official denied such claims and mentioned that the Israeli war Cabinet has briefed the U.S. on potential timeframes. President Joe Biden had expressed concerns regarding Israel’s early military campaign plans during his visit to the country. While the administration is advocating for a more limited military campaign, the official clarified that Hamas leaders will not be given sanctuary. The right of Israel to pursue the individuals responsible for the October 7 attacks was emphasized. These attacks resulted in Hamas fighters infiltrating Israeli towns, leading to casualties and hostages. The Israeli military response has displaced millions and caused significant loss of life. Sullivan is scheduled to travel to Ramallah to meet with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to discuss the stability of the West Bank, where violence against Palestinians by Israeli settlers has escalated. The U.S. has repeatedly warned Israel to take action to stop this violence and has imposed sanctions on some perpetrators. Additionally, discussions will focus on the future governance of Gaza and the administration’s desire for it to be led by Palestinians rather than reoccupied by Israel. One suggestion being considered is deploying a PA-led security force in Gaza to provide a foundation for future governance. However, it remains uncertain if Israel will be receptive to this idea, as some members of the war Cabinet have emphasized the need for full security control in Gaza. Sullivan will also address the need for reform within the PA to strengthen its role in future governance. The PA has faced credibility issues among Palestinians, leading to Hamas winning the 2006 election and taking control of Gaza. Polls indicate that a majority of Palestinians view the PA as corrupt and desire a change in leadership.
The Biden administration is increasing efforts to urge Israel to reduce its military operations in Gaza amidst significant civilian casualties and international pressure. White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his war Cabinet to discuss the situation. The administration wants Israel to shift from intense operations to a more targeted and intelligence-driven approach. However, there is no set timetable for Israel to wind down its campaign. President Biden previously expressed concerns about Israel’s early plans for the military campaign. While the administration calls for a limited military campaign, it emphasizes that Hamas leaders will not be given sanctuary. The Gaza conflict has resulted in the displacement of millions and the deaths of thousands. Sullivan will also visit Ramallah to discuss stability in the West Bank and address the violence against Palestinians by Israeli settlers. The administration wants Gaza to be governed by Palestinians and is considering deploying a Palestinian Authority-led security force in the future. However, it remains uncertain if Israel would accept this idea. Sullivan will also discuss the need for reform in the Palestinian Authority to strengthen its future governance of Gaza. The PA has faced criticism and loss of credibility among Palestinians, leading to Hamas’ rise in power.

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