Gazans Displaced, Find Shelter in Cemetery

In Rafah, Gaza, Mahmoud Amer and his family have found temporary shelter among gravestones in a cemetery after being displaced multiple times by Israel’s military offensive. Along with dozens of others, they have set up tents in the cemetery, believing it to be a safer location away from Israeli bombardments. Amer, who fled Al-Shati refugee camp with his family, explains that they were forced to seek refuge in this unconventional place. He states that living in residential areas poses a threat as houses could collapse on them. Currently, over half of Gaza’s population is confined to Rafah, near the border with Egypt, and there are concerns that Israel may launch an attack in this area. The cemetery, with its rows of graves and plants, serves as a final resting place for both pre-war and war victims. Amer shares that bodies are brought daily for burial, and they pray and stay with them, seeking solace. The living conditions are dire, with a lack of food, water, and proper aid. Despite the hardships, children can be seen playing among the graves, highlighting the stark reality of their situation. Amer laments that death has become a constant presence in their lives. The war in Gaza was triggered by Hamas operatives invading southern Israel, resulting in casualties on both sides. Israel launched a military assault in response, leading to a significant loss of life in Gaza. (This story has been edited for clarity and to remove the mention of the original publisher.)

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