Thailand Introduces Stricter Laws Against Marijuana in Bangkok

The Thai government is set to introduce a new bill that will prohibit the recreational use of cannabis, according to the country’s health minister. This move comes after cannabis was decriminalized in 2022, leading to the emergence of numerous cannabis dispensaries, particularly in Bangkok. Critics have raised concerns about the need for stricter regulations, prompting the government to take action. The proposed bill aims to restrict cannabis use to health and medicinal purposes only, with recreational use deemed inappropriate. Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, who assumed office last year, has consistently expressed opposition to the recreational use of marijuana, advocating for its medicinal use instead. The push for tighter legislation gained momentum when attendees of a Coldplay concert in Bangkok complained about the overwhelming smell of marijuana. It is important to note that this article has been published from a syndicated feed and has undergone no editing by NDTV staff.

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