US Man Admits Hiding Drug Dealer’s Severed Head in Fridge for 2 Years in Cigarette Swap

A man in the United States has confessed to hiding a drug dealer’s severed head in his refrigerator for nearly two years. The 45-year-old, Nicholas McGee, revealed this shocking crime during an interview with the police in exchange for a cigarette. According to the New York Post, McGee is currently in custody in Virginia for an identity fraud case.

McGee admitted to killing the sex offender, Kawsheen Gelzer, during a dispute over drugs in March 2022. He allegedly told Gelzer that he deserved to be killed before committing the crime. In the hour-long interview, McGee also confessed to slicing up Gelzer’s body and searching for drugs in his pockets, which he later smoked while sharing a bottle of vodka with his wife, Heather Stines.

Stines, 45, had previously informed the police that her husband was responsible for the murder, claiming that it occurred after a fight over drugs. However, she stated that she did not participate in the crime.

Initially, the police believed Gelzer went missing in August-September 2023, but McGee revealed that the murder took place on March 22, 2022. McGee described himself as the victim, expressing his frustration with Gelzer for not giving him and his wife the drugs, despite their past hospitality.

The gruesome attack reportedly started when Gelzer fell asleep on the couple’s couch. McGee allegedly grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed Gelzer multiple times during a struggle, also hitting him with a hammer. Gelzer pleaded with McGee to explain why he was being killed before dying. McGee then took the drugs he had been denied from Gelzer’s pockets.

The couple left Gelzer’s body in their apartment for several days until it began decomposing. Using a small saw, they dismembered the body and placed the body parts in plastic bags, which were stored in a suitcase inside their refrigerator. They considered disposing of the remains, but the presence of other people in the building made it too complicated.

The gruesome discovery was made when the police raided the couple’s home and found the severed head and other body parts on ice. Stines was charged with concealment of a corpse after undergoing a psychiatric evaluation, while McGee is expected to be charged with murder in the coming days.

This horrific crime demonstrates the shocking depths to which some individuals can sink, leaving the community stunned and devastated by the gruesome details that have emerged.

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