Ukraine-Born Miss Japan Relinquishes Crown Over Affair with Married Man

Ukraine-Born Miss Japan Gives Up Crown Following Affair with Married Man

Karolina Shiino, the Ukraine-born winner of the Miss Japan contest, has renounced her title after her relationship with a married man was exposed by a weekly magazine. The controversy surrounding her selection as Miss Japan 2024 due to her non-Japanese descent was further intensified by the revelation of her involvement with influencer and doctor Takuma Maeda.

Initially, the pageant organizers defended Shiino, claiming she was unaware of Maeda’s marital status. However, it later emerged that she had knowingly dated him while he was married, leading to her apology for misleading them. Shiino’s model agency, Free Wave, revealed that Maeda had initially lied about being single, but she chose to continue the relationship even after learning the truth.

Expressing regret and acknowledging the trouble she had caused, Shiino apologized on Instagram, explaining that confusion and fear had prevented her from speaking the truth earlier. In response to her request, the Miss Japan Association accepted her resignation and expressed deep apologies to sponsors, judges, and other concerned parties.

The vacant Miss Japan title for the remainder of the year is an unusual occurrence in the pageant’s history. Shiino, who moved to Japan at the age of five, has always identified herself as Japanese and aimed to promote a culture where people are not judged solely by their appearance.

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