Man sues McDonald’s, alleges cheese on burger posed life-threatening risk

A man in the United States is taking legal action against McDonald’s, claiming that a slice of cheese on his burger nearly caused him to lose his life due to a severe milk allergy. Charles Olsen, 28, ordered a Big Mac meal without cheese from a McDonald’s outlet in New York City through the DoorDash food delivery platform in February 2021. Despite specifying “No American Cheese” in his online order, Olsen alleges that he experienced an anaphylactic reaction after taking a bite of the burger. He felt his throat itching and swelling, a burning sensation throughout his body, and he realized there was milk in the burger. Olsen’s body was covered in hives, and his breathing became labored. His girlfriend rushed him to the hospital, where he was admitted for anaphylaxis, a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction. After several hours, doctors stabilized and discharged him. Olsen’s lawsuit accuses McDonald’s of failing to provide safe food and seeks monetary damages and a jury trial. His attorney described the incident as traumatic, causing ongoing concern and anxiety for his client when dining out.

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