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The doctor and his wife, who are reality TV stars on the show “Below Deck,” are now dealing with drug charges related to an oxycodone scam. The couple, known for their opulent yachting lifestyle, are accused of creating counterfeit prescriptions for oxycodone in the names of their fellow cast members. Allegedly, the wife would then retrieve the drugs and pay for them in cash. Both individuals have pleaded not guilty, with their lawyer asserting that the charges lack evidence. Tom Hanson provides further details in this report from CBS News. Stay informed by receiving browser notifications for urgent news, live events, and exclusive coverage. Activate the feature to keep up-to-date while ensuring originality and avoiding plagiarism.
Reality TV stars Dr. Francis Martinis and his wife Jessica, known for their appearances on the show “Below Deck,” are facing drug charges for allegedly running an oxycodone scam in New York. Dr. Martinis is accused of writing fake prescriptions using cast members’ names, while his wife allegedly picked up the drugs and paid in cash. Both have pleaded not guilty, and their lawyer claims the charges are unfounded. The couple’s luxurious yachting lifestyle and their involvement in the reality show have garnered attention.

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