The AAP government has introduced a new policy called “anywhere registration” for properties in Delhi.

Newsearay Exclusive: Delhi Introduces ‘Anywhere Registration’ Policy for Property Registration

In a move aimed at promoting transparency and curbing corruption, the Delhi government has introduced the ‘Anywhere Registration’ policy for property registration. Under this new policy, individuals can register their properties at any sub-registrar’s office in Delhi, eliminating the need to visit a specific office.

Revenue Minister Atishi announced the policy, stating that it would save people from enduring long queues at sub-registrar’s offices. The decision to implement the policy was approved by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and is currently awaiting notification from the Lt Governor.

The ‘Anywhere Registration’ policy is expected to address several issues that have plagued sub-registrar’s offices in Delhi. Many complaints regarding long queues and corruption have been received by the Chief Minister. To combat these problems, the Revenue Department has transformed all sub-registrars into joint sub-registrars, extending their jurisdiction to cover the entirety of Delhi.

Highlighting the need for the new policy, a statement from the Revenue Department mentioned the presence of middlemen outside offices who demand bribes to expedite registry work. By allowing individuals to register their properties at any sub-registrar’s office, the government aims to eliminate these corrupt practices.

To facilitate the process, anyone residing in Delhi can now make an online appointment for property registration at one of the 22 sub-registrar offices across the city.

The introduction of the ‘Anywhere Registration’ policy marks a significant step towards streamlining property registration procedures in Delhi and promoting transparency in the real estate sector.

First Published: Dec 22, 2023 | 6:48 AM IST,

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government in Delhi has introduced the “anywhere registration” policy for properties in the city. This new initiative aims to simplify the property registration process by allowing residents to register their properties at any sub-registrar office, regardless of the property’s location. Previously, property owners had to visit the specific sub-registrar office in the area where their property was located. The “anywhere registration” policy is expected to save time and effort for property owners, making the registration process more convenient and hassle-free.


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