GOP super PAC prioritizes spending on migrant crisis ads in NY race.

In the race for the district encompassing parts of Long Island and Queens, Pilip, an Ethiopian-born former Israeli Defense Forces soldier, is facing off against former Democratic Rep. Tom Suozzi. The special election has been dominated by the issue of the migrant crisis, with New York City experiencing an influx of over 160,000 migrants in the past year. To capitalize on this issue, the Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF) has launched a new ad buy, which accuses Suozzi of being too lenient on illegal immigrants and features audio of him boasting about removing ICE from Nassau County. The ad will be aired on broadcast television in New York City, supported by a $2.2 million budget, with an additional $400,000 allocated for streaming services.

In response to the attack ads, Suozzi and the Democrats have been working to counter the narrative. Suozzi released a TV ad warning voters about the misinformation being spread and expressing support for ICE. However, Republicans were slow to provide financial support for Pilip’s campaign, giving Democrats an early advantage. So far, Democrats have spent a total of $9.6 million on the special election, including $4 million on TV and digital ads from the House Majority PAC, $3.8 million from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and $1.6 million from Suozzi’s campaign. On the other hand, Pilip, the House GOP campaign arm, and the Congressional Leadership Fund had only spent a combined $3.6 million before the new ad buy.

The stakes are high for both parties in this election. Democrats are eager to regain lost ground after the 2022 losses in New York, while Republicans aim to demonstrate the durability of their victories in the state. Additionally, the GOP hopes to strengthen House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s already slim majority in his first special election since becoming speaker. The CLF has been strategically airing both 15- and 30-second ads to maximize their reach while minimizing costs.

Overall, the special election in this district is shaping up to be a fierce battle between Pilip and Suozzi, with immigration policy and the migrant crisis taking center stage in campaign messaging.

In the special election race for a district in New York City, former Israeli Defense Forces soldier Pilip is facing former Democratic Rep. Tom Suozzi. The race has been influenced by the migrant crisis, with a surge of over 160,000 migrants in the past year. The Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF) has launched a $2.6 million ad campaign, accusing Suozzi of being lenient towards illegal immigrants. Democrats have responded by defending Suozzi and praising ICE. Democrats have already spent $9.6 million on the race, while Republicans have spent $3.6 million. The outcome of the election holds significance for both parties, with Democrats seeking redemption after previous losses in New York and Republicans aiming to strengthen their position in the House minority.

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