Mykhailo Mudryk addresses heated Bruno Guimaraes encounter which Chelsea fans loved” />
Chelsea supporters were buzzing to see Mykhailo Mudryk stand up for Ian Maatsen, who was on the receiving end of a dangerous tackle from Bruno Guimaraes

Chelsea supporters were thrilled to witness the courageous act of Mykhailo Mudryk defending Ian Maatsen during a recent match. Maatsen had been targeted with a dangerous tackle by Bruno Guimaraes. Mudryk’s intervention was well-received and appreciated by the Chelsea fanbase.

In current context, Mykhailo Mudryk has addressed the intense encounter with Bruno Guimaraes, which garnered the admiration and support of Chelsea fans. The incident highlights the strong bond between the players and the loyal fanbase, as supporters were delighted to see Mudryk standing up for his teammate. The act demonstrates the unity and solidarity within the Chelsea team and further strengthens the connection between the players and fans.

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