My jaw hit the floor when I watched an AI master one of the world’s toughest physical games in just six hours

An AI just mastered Labyrinth in six hours, and I am questioning my own existence.

I started playing Labyrinth in the 1970s. While it may look deceptively simple and is fully analog, Labyrinth is an incredibly difficult, nearly 60-year-old physical board game that challenges you to navigate a metal ball through a hole-riddled maze by changing the orientation of the game platform using only the twistable nobs on two adjacent sides of the game’s box frame.

An AI robot called CyberRunner has mastered the physical board game Labyrinth in just six hours. Labyrinth is a challenging game that requires players to navigate a metal ball through a maze by changing the orientation of the game platform. The developers from ETH Zurich used a pair of actuators, an overhead camera, and an AI algorithm to teach CyberRunner how to play the game. Initially, the robot performed poorly, but with each attempt, it improved exponentially. In the end, CyberRunner was able to complete the maze faster than any previously recorded time, with its fastest time being 14.8 seconds. The achievement demonstrates how AI can solve physical-world problems using vision, physical interaction, and machine learning.

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