Why does MLS not try and retain players that leave for Europe? | SOTU

In this edition of #ASKALEXI, Alexi Lalas and David Mosse were asked why MLS does not try and retain their stronger players who have historically gone abroad to Europe after their success within MLS. Check out their discussion!

In this edition of #ASKALEXI, Alexi Lalas and David Mosse discuss the question of why Major League Soccer (MLS) does not make efforts to retain their top players who have achieved success within the league but then leave to play in Europe. The discussion revolves around the pattern of talented players from MLS being lured by European clubs after showcasing their skills in the American league.

The summary of the conversation is not disclosed in the provided image, so the specific arguments put forth by Lalas and Mosse cannot be covered. However, it can be inferred that they address the reasons behind MLS’s inability to retain such players, potentially exploring factors like financial limitations, lack of global recognition and exposure for MLS, the allure of European football, and the aspirations of players to compete at higher levels.

To provide current context about the topic, it is important to note that MLS has made significant strides in recent years to retain its top talent. The league has implemented various initiatives to increase salary budgets, designated player spots, and allocation money, allowing clubs to offer more competitive contracts to star players. Additionally, MLS has worked on improving its overall infrastructure, facilities, and exposure, elevating its status within the global football community.

However, despite these efforts, the appeal of playing in Europe remains strong for many players. European leagues, particularly those in England, Spain, Germany, and Italy, are considered the pinnacle of professional football, offering higher levels of competition, greater exposure, and the opportunity to compete in prestigious competitions such as the UEFA Champions League. These factors, coupled with the financial incentives provided by European clubs, often make it difficult for MLS to retain its top talents.

In conclusion, the discussion in #ASKALEXI highlights the ongoing challenge faced by MLS in retaining players who leave for Europe after achieving success in the American league. While MLS has made efforts to improve its competitiveness and retain top talent, the allure of European football, both in terms of competition and financial rewards, often outweighs the benefits offered by MLS.


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