According to a report, Dom DiSandro, a member of the Eagles, has been fined $100,000 and will also be prohibited from the sideline for the remainder of the regular season.

Philadelphia Eagles security chief Dom DiSandro has been banned from the field for the remainder of the regular season, according to the Associated Press. DiSandro’s suspension comes after an incident with San Francisco 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw, which resulted in both individuals being ejected from the game. In addition to the ban, DiSandro was fined $100,000, although he appealed the punishment. The appeal was subsequently denied, and the Eagles have reportedly paid the fine on his behalf.

Referee Walt Anderson, in a pool report from the NFL, stated that DiSandro was “contributing to the escalation” of the argument, leading to his ejection. Despite the ban, DiSandro will still be able to travel with the team and perform his game-day activities, but he will not be allowed on the field for the remaining four regular-season games.

Greenlaw received a fine of $10,927 for his unnecessary roughness penalty but was not suspended. The decision to suspend DiSandro was made in accordance with Article 8 of the NFL rulebook, which prohibits non-player personnel from engaging in unnecessary physical contact or displaying abusive, threatening, or insulting behavior towards opponents, game officials, or league representatives. Violations of this rule may result in disqualification and discipline by the Commissioner.

DiSandro, who has been with the Eagles for 25 seasons and serves as the senior advisor to the general manager, has various responsibilities within the organization, including overseeing safety and security matters for players, coaches, and executives. He is also in charge of security at the team’s training complex, managing security measures related to team travel and logistics, and providing education on the NFL’s personal conduct policy.

The incident involving DiSandro led to a meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell a few weeks ago, and he will be eligible to return to the sideline for the postseason. Known as “Big Dom” in Philadelphia, DiSandro has been a familiar figure alongside head coach Andy Reid since joining the team in 1999.,

Philadelphia Eagles’ executive, Dom DiSandro, has been hit with a hefty $100,000 fine and will be banned from the sideline for the remainder of the regular season, according to reports. The punishment comes as a result of a violation, although specific details have not been disclosed. DiSandro’s absence will undoubtedly affect the team’s operations, as they navigate through the crucial final games of the season.


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