Chiefs’ Travis Kelce details postgame talk with Bill Belichick, predicts future of Patriots head coach

The Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots faced off at Gillette Stadium last week and after the game, two Super Bowl champions met up to chat. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and Chiefs star tight end Travis Kelce caught up after the defending Super Bowl champion’s 27-17 win over the home team. 

The two spoke for a while, but just what was said between two greats? on his “New Heights” podcast, Kelce shared some insight on what he spoke to the future Hall of Fame head coach about. 

“I just mentioned how much I respect him and how much it’s always the biggest challenge I go up against in the National Football League, is going up against one of his defenses,” No. 87 said. “I just wanted to make sure he heard that from my mouth, man, because it’s been a pleasure going up against him all these years.”

Kelce was asked about Belichick’s future, as there are rumors he may be done in New England or with head coaching for good. 

“I got asked after the game, did I feel like it was the last time, or anything like that,” Kelce said. “Honestly, I was just going up to him to pay respect over the 10 years I’ve been going up against him. How much I appreciate the challenge, every single time. And hats off to him for always being that great.”

The tight end said while he is unsure if Belichick will stay with the Patriots, he feels like the head coach can still coach at a high level.

“They asked me if it was the last, I’m just like, ‘it might not be here [in New England]. Whatever the situation is going on here, it might not be it.’ But I think that guy’s got some football left in him,” Kelce said.

The Patriots are already eliminated from the playoffs, while the Chiefs remain hopeful for another Super Bowl run. 

Kelce has faced the Patriots six times in his career, with games from 2014 to this season. In those matchups, he has 33 receptions for 358 yards, an average of 59.7 yards per game, with one receiving touchdown and one rushing touchdown. In two playoff games against the Patriots, Kelce has nine catches for 46 yards and one touchdown. 

Since Kelce joined the team, Kansas City is 5-1 against the New England in the regular season and 0-2 against the Patriots in the playoffs. 

Kelce and Belichick may meet again down the road, but Belichick could be wearing a cutoff hoodie with a different team logo by then.

The Patriots’ 3-11 season has raised some questions about whether owner Robert Kraft will keep his general manager and head coach around for the future

Belichick, never one to give too much away, has not revealed anything regarding his future with the team or the league. When I asked about the situation, Belichick deferred to ownership, saying, “You should ask Mr. Kraft.”

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce recently spoke about his respect for New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. After the Chiefs’ victory over the Patriots, Kelce had a conversation with Belichick and expressed his admiration for the coach and the challenge of going up against his defenses. Kelce also commented on the rumors about Belichick’s future, saying that while he is unsure if Belichick will stay with the Patriots, he believes the coach still has some football left in him. The Patriots’ season has been disappointing, leading to speculation about changes within the organization. However, Belichick has not revealed any details about his future plans.


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