Jalen Hurts questions Eagles’ ‘commitment’ after third straight loss: ‘I don’t know how else to say that’

Jalen Hurts doesn’t like losing. He’s also not used to losing with the Philadelphia Eagles, winning 29 of his previous 32 starts before a three-game losing streak put the season into a free fall.

The Eagles are still 10-4 and have locked up a playoff berth, yet Hurts hinted there are sizable problems going on with this team. The quarterback — and one of the captains on the Eagles — questioned the team’s commitment, saying Philadelphia is not living up to the “standard.” 

“I’ve been talking about execution all year. Being on the same page, everyone being on the same page. We didn’t execute. I don’t think we were committed enough, you know. Just gotta turn it around,” Hurts said to reporters after the Eagles’ loss to the Seahawks, via a team transcript. “It’s a challenge we have to embrace. (We) just gotta continue and see it through.” 

When asked what he meant by his statement, Hurts was pretty transparent. 

“Commitment. I don’t know, I don’t have a dictionary on me now,” Hurts said. “I don’t know how else to say that. It’s a matter of being on the same page. It takes everyone being all in in all aspects. It starts with me.”

The Eagles are the first 10-1 team to lose three straight and fall to 10-4 since the 1986 New York Jets, who lost their final five games of the regular season and bowed out in the divisional round of the playoffs. Philadelphia appears headed for that same fate, falling from the No. 1 seed in the NFC (and having a two-game lead) to the No. 5 seed and a game behind the San Francisco 49ers for the top seed in the conference.

Hurts has been poor in the three-game losing streak, completing 59.2% of his passes with one touchdown to two interceptions for an 72.4 passer rating. The Eagles offense is averaging just 16.3 points per game in the stretch. 

Hurts is taking responsibility for the Eagles to get their season back on track. Hurts is looking to steer the ship in another direction.

“Everybody has their role in it, but it starts with me,” Hurts said. “I’m too fond of you practice the same habits, you get the same result. We have to make an internal change of how we attack things, how we come to work everyday. It starts with the little things, how committed we are to doing what we’re doing. It all starts with me, the quarterback. 

“It’s a challenge that I’m embracing, that I’ve embraced. As tough as these times are, I still see light at the end of the tunnel.” 

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts expressed his frustration with the team’s recent struggles and questioned their commitment after a three-game losing streak. Despite still securing a playoff berth with a 10-4 record, Hurts believes the team is not living up to their standards. He mentioned the importance of execution and being on the same page, emphasizing the need for everyone to be fully committed. Hurts is taking responsibility for getting the team back on track and believes they can turn things around by making internal changes. The Eagles’ recent losses have dropped them from the top seed in the NFC to the fifth seed. Hurts acknowledged his own poor performance during the losing streak but remains optimistic, seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.


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