Why Kingston Technology’s partnership approach is solving data centre challenges


There’s a good reason why we adopted the tagline: ‘We’re more than a part. We’re a partner’. We’re well known for developing meticulously tested server memory and high-performance SSDs widely deployed in data centres, but our role expands far beyond simply providing great products. Our enterprise customers, many of whom we have worked with for decades, regard us as a trusted partner, a collaborator, to help them conquer the challenges of the data frontier. 

We work with decision makers in data centres where robust, scalable and sustainable solutions are needed to perform at the highest level to meet enterprise and customer expectations. These solutions must support modern technology requirements including IoT devices, edge computing and 5G, streamed video content at scale, and fast-growing modes of computation such as AI and machine learning. 

The pillars of operational technology: storage and server memory

Kingston Technology is a trusted partner for enterprise customers in the data center industry. They offer meticulously tested server memory and high-performance SSDs that are widely used in data centers. However, Kingston’s role goes beyond providing products, as they collaborate with their customers to help them overcome the challenges of the data frontier.

They work with decision makers in data centers to provide robust, scalable, and sustainable solutions that support modern technology requirements such as IoT devices, edge computing, 5G, AI, and machine learning. Kingston’s enterprise SSDs, like the DC600M SSD, ensure rapid access to data with high performance and low latency. These SSDs also have hardware-based power-loss protection to prevent data loss during power outages.

When it comes to server memory, cost is a consideration for enterprises. Kingston’s Server Premier range offers high performance, stability, and long-term reliability. Their DDR4 RDIMM and DDR5 RDIMM options are well-suited for data center applications.

Kingston is dedicated to quality and their SSDs undergo thorough testing. Their memory modules also come with a lifetime warranty and meet industry standards. They have established themselves as a trusted partner for over 35 years, providing cooperative support and guidance to CIOs, CTOs, data center managers, and IT professionals.

Two case studies highlight Kingston’s partnership approach. Hosting provider Hosteur chose Kingston to provide proof of concept pre-serial enterprise class SSDs, allowing them to validate projects and efficiently implement solutions. Gaming server provider i3D.net partnered with Kingston for server DRAM and SSD solutions, resulting in competitive advantages, improved server performance, and better gaming experiences.

Kingston Technology provides comprehensive, long-term support for data center needs. Their emphasis on quality, testing, customer service, and versatility sets them apart in supporting the data center requirements of enterprises. For more information, visit Kingston’s website.


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