A 95-year-old man in the UK earns a degree and contemplates pursuing another course.

Dr David Marjot, a 95-year-old retired psychiatrist, has achieved a remarkable feat by becoming Kingston University’s oldest graduate. After completing his studies, Marjot now contemplates pursuing another course, showcasing his undying thirst for knowledge. His determination led him to earn an MA in Modern European Philosophy, a field that intrigued him due to its potential applications in the ever-evolving psychiatric industry.

Despite initially qualifying as a doctor 72 years ago, Marjot recognized the need to update his understanding of philosophy to enhance his professional practice. Encountering an advertisement for a local course in The Times Literary Supplement, he decided to apply, acknowledging the limited time he had. Marjot expressed his gratitude towards Kingston University, praising the accommodating staff and excellent teaching that made his educational journey an honorable and enriching experience.

During his graduation ceremony, Marjot received a standing ovation from his peers and the audience as he proudly crossed the stage to receive his degree from Kingston University Provost Professor Helen Laville. Accompanied by his son and son-in-law, the joyous occasion celebrated not only Marjot’s academic achievement but also his unwavering determination.

Reflecting on his experience, Marjot encouraged others considering a return to education after a significant hiatus. He acknowledged the inherent risk but emphasized the importance of pursuing interests and continuously challenging oneself, regardless of age or circumstances. With his memory not as sharp as it once was, Marjot relied on the guidance of world-class instructors throughout his studies, making the journey a positive and transformative one.

The university revealed that Marjot’s decision to undertake the MA course was influenced by the passing of his wife several years before the COVID-19 pandemic. Keeping his mind occupied during this difficult time became essential, and the pursuit of knowledge proved to be a source of solace and personal growth.

Dr Marjot’s accomplishment places him among the ranks of the UK’s oldest-ever graduates, joining the likes of Archie White, who earned his degree from the University of Brighton at the age of 96 in 2021. Undeterred by his age, Marjot now contemplates embarking on a part-time doctorate, an endeavor he plans to complete at the remarkable age of 102.

Dr David Marjot’s extraordinary journey serves as a testament to the limitless potential of lifelong learning, inspiring others to embrace education as a means of personal and professional development, regardless of their stage in life.

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